Table Timer

Double-clicking on a table icon in the Table Layout Window will bring up this Table Timer.   The Table Timer is the center of controlling all playing transactions. When you add the first player, the table light is automatically turned on and, when you check out the last player, it's automatically turned off.

For each player the Player List reports information such as player number and name, starting time, minutes played and a running total.  If this is not enough for you, then double-click on a player in the list and you will see something you've probably never seen from a pool room management program: The Detail Charges Window gives you more than a running total. It gives you the entire running history.

Imagine that one player checked in alone at 5:15 PM. At 6 PM, the rate changed due to change of the rate period. At 7:35 PM, the rate changed because his friends joined him. At 8:20 PM, one of his friends was transferred to another table, and the rate changed again. PHM has the power to record each step and, for each step, it gives you information such as time, reason, number of players, table number, time played and charge added. If you have a varying table rate system. This Detail Charges Window may save you and your customer from dispute or confusion.


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