Pool House Manager 7
Complete Pool Hall, Billiard Room & Sales Management

Feature List*

Version Lite Pro
Requirement Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
Price   $399 $599
Number of Tables 12 99*
Graphic Table Layout & Design Yes Yes
5 Pool & Dinning Table Styles Yes Yes
Scalable Table Icons (20%-500%) Yes Yes
Multi-Player Tracking Timer Yes Yes
Customizable F1-F12 Keys Yes Yes
Large Function Panel for Touch-Screen Yes Yes
Advanced Security Yes Yes
Pool Playing & Purchase Details Yes Yes
Combined or Separated Receipts Yes Yes
Multiple Rates a Day & Happy Hours Yes Yes
20 Types of Table Rate Schedules Yes Yes
Regular, Flat Rate Players & Guests Yes Yes
Special Member Rates Yes Yes
Food Order and Rental (Cues & More) Yes Yes
Rate Adjustments for Any Table Yes Yes
Automatic Light Control Yes Yes
Pro Shop Point of Sale Yes Yes
Deli/Bar Point of Sale Yes Yes
Customer/Member List and Discount Yes Yes
Member Photo Pictures/Product Pictures Yes Yes
Member Playing Hour Tracking Yes Yes
Member Expiration Check Yes Yes
Shopping/Ordering Basket Yes Yes
Point of Sale Express with Auto-Search Yes Yes
Departmental Management Yes Yes
Inventory Control Yes Yes
Multiple Tax Support Yes Yes
Waiting List Yes Yes
Player/Table Transfer Yes Yes
Pause/Resume Playing Yes Yes
Payment Transfer Yes Yes
Change Start Time Yes Yes
Round Off/Up Table Charges Yes Yes
Undo Mistakes Yes Yes
Assign Operator Passwords/Access Rights Yes Yes
Operator Password Login Yes Yes
Lock Program for Security Yes Yes
Alarm/Memo Yes Yes
Time Reminder for Each Customer Yes Yes
Table Status Yes Yes
Find Player/Customer Yes Yes
Access External Programs Yes Yes
Table Markdown Yes Yes
Table Cloth Usage Calculator Yes Yes
Calculator and Calendar Yes Yes
Cash Drawer Calculator Yes Yes
Employee Time Clock Yes Yes
Fully Detailed Daily Reports Yes Yes
2D/3D Graphical Monthly History Reports Yes Yes
Apply Discount/Credit/Tip at Register Yes Yes
Cash Drawer Support Yes Yes
Report/Receipt Printer Support Yes Yes
Touch-Screen Monitor Support Yes Yes
Barcode Scanner/Card Reader Supports Yes Yes
Pole Display Supports Yes Yes
Customizable Operation Layout Yes Yes
Itemized Sales Summary Yes Yes
Cash/Check/Credit Summary for Each  Shift Yes Yes
Sales Comparisons for Categories and Items Yes Yes
Playing History (Month/Day/Hour) and Log Yes Yes
Operator History and Log Yes Yes
Print/Customize/Save Receipts Yes Yes
Automatic Backup/Recovery Yes Yes
Data Encryption/Security Yes Yes
File/Data Import/Export Yes Yes
Database Engine Yes Yes
Billiard & Sports League Scheduler Optional Yes
Multi-Station Networking No Optional*
TouchPad/SuperTab/DynamicPricing Add-Ins Optional* Optional*
Kitchen/Bar SalesMonitor Optional* Optional*
Technical Support Phone/E-mail Phone/E-mail

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